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Photo Restoration

Faded, speckled photographs with extensive tear or stain damage can be expertly repaired by our restoration artists.

Aged and weathered slides or film can often display ingrained dirt as well as deeply faded colours. "Haloing" is another form of damage often seen in aged slides and film; a severe de-saturating effect often seen around the outlines within an image. Images such as this can also be beautifully restored by our team.

Removing figures or objects from an image is also something our team can do for you.

Another service also classed and priced as a "restoration" is our new colourising service. Our restoration artists can take an originally black and white image and add a brand new layer of colour to it.




At Dartmoor Photographic we are committed to bringing treasured memories back to life. Our highly skilled restoration artists can take digital copies of your old and discoloured, damaged or worn photographs and apply state-of-the-art digital editing techniques to beautifully and faithfully restore them to their former glory.

Just bring your photo into Dartmoor Photographic and we can tell you what can be done. Upon receiving your order, one of our restoration artists will immediately get to work with meticulous attention to detail.

Please note that we scan your prints with a high resolution scanner which enables us to produce the best restoration possible. We generally do not receive or send photographic prints through the post. However, please send us an email or enquire instore if you would like us to send a print of the completed photograph to any address and we will reply with a quote for that service as soon as possible.